Today’s Update

Week started with a flurry of activity, but we've definitely noticed it die down as the week has ended. Hoping we'll be pleasantly surprised when we have our Walk through tomorrow morning, but some tell tale signs tell me otherwise. Not one trade there yesterday or today, from what we can tell - and we … Continue reading Today’s Update


Private Certifier’s worth their weight in Gold!

This morning, we received a fairly comprehensive Pre-Lining Inspection report, prepared by the Private Certifiers we have engaged - Houspect. 36 pages comprehensive to be exact! I've said it all along, we're not builders, some of the issues we've noticed are just because we didn't think they looked right, but it's nice to know we … Continue reading Private Certifier’s worth their weight in Gold!

Week 26

Yesterday was the start of Week 26 of our 40 week build! Electrical rough-ins were meant to start yesterday - it didn't! Brickies are back on-site today, seems there is some repatriation work that needs to be done - we haven't been advised. Front yard was cleaned this morning, which is a positive. Secretly was … Continue reading Week 26