Curtains and the Security Screen Door

Still have not received a return phone call from EHI. I spoke with them last Wednesday 17th January 2018. It is the 22nd January 2018. The volumes it speaks with regard to Customer Service is astounding, but I digress... So I called again this morning, and went straight to voicemail. I have now followed that … Continue reading Curtains and the Security Screen Door

Just want an Answer!

I have patiently waited for Clarendon Homes to come back for the new year. One of their Lifestyle Option partners told me they would be back on the 8th January, but I waited until this week to call. I called EHI (Elite Home Improvements) twice on the 15th January, no answer. I called EHI twice … Continue reading Just want an Answer!


Drove past the house on Saturday, on our way to Baseball, and noticed the Painters were on-site - so that was alittle exciting. The Sliding Doors were still sitting up against our back fence, so not sure how they haven't been completed given the Chippie apparently has finished everything. We stopped by yesterday morning after … Continue reading Update