Off White vs Grey Mortar

It's been almost 24 hours, it is definitely GREY. We were hoping it just needed to dry, and with recent temperatures in Sydney being over 30degrees, it is fair to say, the mortar repair is fairly dry. And it's still GREY! Second Practical Completion Inspection next Tuesday morning, we'll see what Clarendon has to say … Continue reading Off White vs Grey Mortar


Happy New Year!!

It's 2018. Yay!! It was in 2016 when we first put money down on our Clarendon Home, building commenced in 2017, and here we are in 2018 and still NO home!! We don't feel very happy. Infact, we're deflated, disappointed, angry and today feeling incensed. Our house has sat idle for 3 weeks, construction teams … Continue reading Happy New Year!!


Drove past the house on Saturday, on our way to Baseball, and noticed the Painters were on-site - so that was alittle exciting. The Sliding Doors were still sitting up against our back fence, so not sure how they haven't been completed given the Chippie apparently has finished everything. We stopped by yesterday morning after … Continue reading Update

Week 26

Yesterday was the start of Week 26 of our 40 week build! Electrical rough-ins were meant to start yesterday - it didn't! Brickies are back on-site today, seems there is some repatriation work that needs to be done - we haven't been advised. Front yard was cleaned this morning, which is a positive. Secretly was … Continue reading Week 26

Not quite…

Bricking at our place was definitely not completed today! Not sure how that affects everything else planned for this week, we'll see how it pans out and when we touch base with the Site Supervisor on Friday.