This is us – HANK HQ! An acronym of the kids names. Joe Blow’s from the suburbs of Sydney, married with three kids, who never ever manage to get a nice family photo with everyone looking in the same direction at the same time; with a dream to give each one of them their own bedroom.

Version 2This little gem was built in 1933 and was only ever owned by two families – the family that built it and ours! This house welcomed us as two love-struck youngsters with big dreams and hopes of renovations. Watched us walk through the door as newly-weds, it embraced three babies and many sleepless nights, celebrated many Birthdays, Christmas’, Easters, Family Gatherings, Dinner with Friends and BBQ’s but we stretched it to its limit! We roughed it up, we tried to fix it but we just outgrew it!!

Priceless memories but we’re so ready to make new ones, this loved up family, we are ready. We’re moving onto a bigger & newer version.

The adventure is just starting!