Curtains and the Security Screen Door

Still have not received a return phone call from EHI. I spoke with them last Wednesday 17th January 2018. It is the 22nd January 2018. The volumes it speaks with regard to Customer Service is astounding, but I digress…

So I called again this morning, and went straight to voicemail.

I have now followed that up with the following email, cc’ing in our Customer Service Consultant:

Good Morning Sharon
Wanting to follow up on our conversation from last last Wednesday 17th January, with regard to feedback on installation of the last two remaining curtains and why there is a metal bar across our SupaScreen Security Door to our laundry.
Having owned SupaScreen Security Doors previously, and my husband having had a working knowledge of the product as the Account Manager for SupaScreen when employed by Capral, we are acutely aware that the mesh should be unobstructed and have no need for any further supports.
As per both the EHI and Capral websites:

Amplimesh SupaScreen®

Amplimesh Supascreen® is a high security door solution that gives a clear, unobstructed view with uninterrupted airflow. The appearance is in no way compromised as the Supascreen® maintains its clean and smooth features. Supascreen® is manufactured using a unique patented pressure system that eliminates the need for unsightly screws or rivets. The corrosion resistant mesh is a high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, maximising strength and durability while still providing a welcome entrance to your home. –

We look forward to your feedback and clarity around this as soon as convenient, as we have a proposed Handover date for this Thursday 25th January 2017, and would like these issues resolved prior to then.



As much as I love our new house, which we are yet to officially own, and still feel we made the right call going with Clarendon Homes, their overall respect and customer service process with us as their customers who have made an approximate $520,000 transaction, is disappointing to say the least.

Interesting to see what the feedback will be!

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