We have a Bed!

To say that I have been trying to contain myself with buying Furniture and Appliances, would be an understatement.

Firstly, we have absolutely nowhere to store them. Secondly, we have been trying to conserve finances until they are needed.

So buying furniture has always been planned for when we have the house.

That hasn’t stopped me looking for it though. If there’s a bricks & mortar store, we’ve been to it. If it’s online, I’ve been up well past midnight scrolling through their site.

Our last bedframe, which we ended up owning for 15years, was bought just after we got married and was meant to just to fill the gap. Our intention had always been to buy a nice bedroom suite, but we never did.

I hated it!

The bed end was about mid-thigh high, and poked out alittle so if you went past it in the middle of the night or after you’d just tended to one of the kids, you inevitabley corked yourself in the thigh. Shins were also a victim. We both had bruises over the years because of that stupid bed end.

So I’ve always known that I wanted our new bed frame to not have a high bed end, or one that stuck out too far and especially no pointy edges. I’ve been looking for months and months and months. Have found some super nice ones, usually in the $5,000 plus price range – which we just can’t do. So I’ve kept looking and looking.

Tonight, we finally bought one. And bedside tables to boot.

It’s simple, has a touch of timber to soften the colours in the room, it has a low bed end with no bits that stick out and it hasn’t burnt a hole in our back pocket. I’m thrilled!

I present our new King Size Bed Frame in Cement and Bedside Tables in Natural, purchased from Snooze (who are currently on sale, and offering a further 10% off with an autoclub membership, like NRMA – best way to buy!).

finn_qb_cement_king bedsnz19758_retro_round Bedsides


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