ALL Day…..

We received the following email reply, to an email I sent on the 15th January 2018 with a 12-page document attached outlining our outstanding items.


“From: “Site Supervisor
Date: Thursday, 18 January 2018 at 2:26 pm
To: Husband
Cc: Me, Area Manager, Customer Service Consultant
Subject: Re: 29911543 – Outstanding Items
I would like to give you an update on your property.  New carpet has been installed threw out the upper level. Theatre room will be replaced on Saturday. I have been onsite most of today with my maintenance man and we have gone threw your list one by one.  
Painter completed touch ups that were marked up on first PC walkthrew – during the break and I have conducted another mark up today. Painter will be returning to site tomorrow to complete a 3rd run of touch ups. 
All brickwork and mortar patch has been corrected as discussed on PC walkthrew. 
Scaffold will be removed on Monday. 
Kitchen bar back and door/drawer adjustments will be done on Monday 
Chipped tile in ensuite and scratched tile in powder room will be rectified on Monday. 
I have arranged for a house clean to happen on Monday afternoon. 
Even though you have sent me your itemised list I would like to conduct another walkthrew on Tuesday morning at 8.00am? 
My plan is to conduct this final walkthrew with you both – with list in hand and tick off every item raised. Whilst I have my maintenance man onsite. So any issues that are raised I can have them rectified on Tuesday. 
From there I will have a handover clean booked in for Wednesday and handover on Thursday morning at 8.00am. 
If you could please get back to me regarding this so I can make the appropriate arrangements. 
Thank you. 

Site Manager”
Firstly, I would like to note that my husband and I only emailed our Site Supervisor. In his reply, he cc’d in the additional Clarendon Staff – so our replies hence forth have also included them.
Based on this email, we actually thought things may happen within a reasonable timeframe and handover seemed within our sites. Excited that so much seemed to have happened on-site today, we went for a drive past the house just before the sun went down.
Gut-wrenching is a word that comes to mind.
We saw the awful, awful hack job of a repair on the mortar on our facade straight away. Noticed that it was the same in many spots all the way around the house.IMG_0188
The mortar of our house is off-white, as stipulated by Clarendon and contractually signed by both parties. What they have repaired it with is certainly not off-white, it’s GREY! On further inspection of the site, we found a large amount of cement powder in the front yard.
The first picture is one of the front pillars.
IMG_0191We are hoping against all odds, that it just needs to dry and that it will look right in tomorrow’s daylight.
This second picture is the right hand side of the house.
Let’s see what tomorrow brings!
Now, if our Site Supervisor was on-site ALL day, as his email stated, surely he saw the disparity in the colour. Is it incompetence then that he allowed this to happen whilst he was supervising? Or was he really not on-site ALL day, and therefore just told us another fib?
We’re seriously getting over trying to figure out what’s legit, and really wanting to get what we paid for.

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