Not Happy Jan!!

To say that I am pissed off about an SMS and an email reply I received today, to an email I sent our Site Supervisor, is an understatement. Basically denying a conversation we’ve had, is an outright furphy and I couldn’t even reply to it, for fear of writing something I might regret.

I have had to swap my days at work around to accommodate the Handover, and bless my employer, they have been beyond flexible, but when Shane called today, I couldn’t take his call but sms’d him to contact my husband who could take the call as he is on annual leave. Instead, I received the following SMS:

I’m emailing you back, I never said you guys to go threw the house on the weekend I said to go threw with your building inspector on Tuesday. You have emailed stating that i said you were aloud. Caused quite a bit of issues for myself. I know that you have been going inside constantly and I have turned a blind eye. Don’t appreciate bieng put into this mess. Please do not go onsite again without me.

All the strength and restraint in me SMS’d this back:

Shane, I only emailed you. EHI asked us to drop samples back to their rep on Saturday, that’s when we went through. See you Thursday morning.

Then came the email. Here it is verbatim, names and numbers removed:

I never said or gave permission for you to go threw the property on your own on the weekend. I stated you could come threw on Tuesday with your building inspector to check the power. You were well aware off this. I know you have been going threw the house constantly without myself being there. Can you please refrain from going onsite without me until handover.
Regarding these issues I will go over them and inspect. At this stage handover will be pushed back to Thursday – 10.00am.

Site Manager
On 18 Dec 2017, at 12:28 am, J_________  <> wrote:

Hi S______,

Thanks for taking the time to show us through the house last week. We took your advice and went through it again over the  weekend whilst the shutters were being installed to review the ensuite and bottom shower.

Below are the issues we have identified that we could not cover during the practical completion walkthrough –

  1. The bottom shower door is misaligned both vertically and horizontally. The top of the door sits proud above the side fixed glazing panel. There is also a much larger gap between the edge of the door and the side glazing panel. The hinge action of this door is different from the other two shower screens.
  2. There is a scratch on the tile at the base of the shower head in the in the bottom bathroom. It looks like a spanner has made contact with the tile whilst the shower head was being installed. This was also present in your building inspector’s report but I don’t recall you pointing it out during the inspection.
  3. The finish of the silicon in the right sink in the ensuite is sub par. It has been finished in the front middle and has imperfections that are visible from 1.5m
  4. The ensuite toilet mechanism action is different from the other toilets in both feeling and sound. It is much louder when operating.
  5. We were unable to check the ensuite shower screen because it was left in the open position by Stegbar with tape requesting that the shower not be touched until the 16th of December. We will try and get to the house on Monday to review the fit and finish of this shower.
  6. Bedrooms 1 and 5 have a foul odour due to the wet carpet and underlay remaining in situ since Tuesday. This carpet should have been lifted on Tuesday/Wednesday to allow the boards to dry. In its current state, the rooms are inhabitable and we insist that these rooms will be corrected prior to handover.

We have images available for the above issues should they be required.

We also noticed that the large centre fixed glazing panel on the upstairs leisure room is out of alignment and there is a gap present across the bottom edge. The fixed glazing panel in the upstairs bathroom is also out of alignment.

I_____ from Nuflake was also present onsite and he mentioned that without power to the house he is unable to grind the floors and complete the floor finishing. He has advised that his next available opportunity to finish the garage floor is on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and that we cannot access the garage until the 22nd of December. Alternatively, he is available to begin the floor on the 28th of December.

We note that bricks have arrived but no scaffolding has been installed. We also note that very little of the items highlighted for correction during the walkthrough have been attended to.

Based on your recommendation for handover this Wednesday, we have booked Penrith Air for Friday with the compressor being delivered two days prior. Similarly, we have booked Telstra for Thursday.

Please review the outstanding items as agreed in our walkthrough and the items presented above and confirm the handover date. Of most importance, is the condition of Bedrooms 1 and 5, the family room ceiling and the walls of the walk in pantry, family room, meals room and other areas affected by the flooding.

Please contact George, who is now for any updates and outstanding items on _________.




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