Handover moved again!

Once upon a time, we were told our Handover date would be the 7th December 2017. IMG_1928We got excited, we marked on our family calendar so the kids could see the end goal.

With a short conceited laugh, we were told that would never happen because that’s our SS Birthday and he wouldn’t be delivering any houses on that day!

Fair enough!

Then we were told potentially the 11th or 12th December 2017. At first, we thought it would be tight – last week of School full of Picnic Days, Christmas Parties and piles and piles of of art and books home for the year. But who doesn’t want their new house after 10months, so we were cool.

Didn’t happen!

We then got booked in for PCI on Monday 11th December, the step before Handover, so we thought no problem at least it’s moving. PCI then got moved to Tuesday 12th at 10:00am. At 9:05am, it was moved to 10:15am via SMS. Soon after, via SMS again it was moved to 11:00am. We we’re cool, we could accommodate the change, even though hubby had to take Annual Leave for this appointment and we had to arrange care for our youngest child, we wanted to go through our house and finalise this stage. More detailed post on PCI to come!

Before PCI, our understanding was that Handover would be Tuesday 19th December. After PCI, we honestly thought, there is no way they could get everything rectified and still handover in time.

At that meeting, SS was still confident that Handover would happen before Christmas, only now it would be Wednesday 20th December. We asked again, whether it would really happen, otherwise it would be a new year delivery. We had some banter around the fact that it would happen because SS goes on holiday to Utah where it’s like minus something degrees, he isn’t back until the 22nd January 2018. We half joked that it wouldn’t be so bad because we would then qualify for the massive $15 a day from Clarendon for going over the completion date. He shot that down – he said our completion date wasn’t until the 16th February, taking into account the Christmas shutdown and they don’t consider the construction to have started until the excavator breaks ground, which wasn’t 19th April, even though we officially went to construction on the 31st March.

I mean, we’re only the homeowners right!

Well, due to other factors, that I’ll note in another post, we received an email today to advise that Handover is now at 10:00am on Thursday 21st December 2017.

Once again, frantically calling everything to be rescheduled AGAIN. Reschedule our final Private Inspection, reschedule Telstra connection, reschedule Penrith Air Supply for our Air Conditioning installation – a Christmas with no air con, reschedule my work days, reschedule Harvey Norman to not deliver our fridge, reschedule babysitting and vacation care. Have I forgotten anything?

Today, I do not like Clarendon. Today, Clarendon have left us in limbo. Today, Clarendon have made us question whether we made the right decisions!


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