Drove past the house on Saturday, on our way to Baseball, and noticed the Painters were on-site – so that was alittle exciting.

The Sliding Doors were still sitting up against our back fence, so not sure how they haven’t been completed given the Chippie apparently has finished everything.

We stopped by yesterday morning after school drop off, and the Home Theatre Door and it’s Frame are still sitting in the Study, clearly visible from the street.

The Painters were on-site again though, which is positive, so they hopefully will get all the first coat of painting done.

On the drive past today going to school, absolutely no one on-site. So it would be safe to say that the Carpenter hasn’t gone back to infact finish off the Home Theatre Door. I would dare say nothing else will happen until the Benchtops on Friday – and I sincerely hope against all odds that I am wrong, and lots of stuff happens during the week!

One of the other emails I shot off yesterday, was to both our CSC and Site Supervisor, with regard to the feedback we got from our Waterproofing Private Inspection. Although Waterproofing was done to the absolute building code minimum, it was satisfactory.

Which is good news!

What isn’t great, is that the condition of the External Walls isn’t ideal, and I quote Houspect here:

External Walls

  • There are still gaps to the Alfresco slab and the brickwork below. This was mentioned in previous report and is still to be rectified.
  • Expansion joints to the external brickwork is still to be completed.
  • There are gaps at the sides and above a number of the windows. Recommend these are rectified to reduce the possibility of water ingress to the internal of the building.
  • The rubber weather strips to windows has not been completed correctly.”

Response from Clarendon is that Shane Site Supervisor will discuss these points with me on this week’s Friday call.

Another big “tick off my list” thing I did yesterday, was submit our Driveway and Road Verge Application with our local council. Spoke with David, very helpful person at council, about two weeks ago – steered us in the right direction. Have got that underway now, apparently that can take about 2-4weeks for approval, and once that comes through we can commence getting quotes for a Driveway.

I also had the good fortune of speaking to Matt from Houspect this morning, with regard the very comprehensive inspection he did for us at the Pre-Lining stage. Sadly for us, he clearly remembered our house due to the poor workmanship in the Brickwork, we had a good discussion around what would be acceptable of the finished Brickwork. We also talked about our Gas Point, which has since been moved from it’s initial position we selected because it didn’t meet code. Matt explained that Plumbers are self-certifying trade they don’t necessarily adhere to any one particular code, and that if they felt it was interfering with other pipes or data connection, then it would warrant the move, but when he inspected it, he didn’t feel that it was an issue. I suppose another thing to cop sweet! We also talked about the Finished Floor Level (FFL) and Finished Ceiling Level (FCL) which are architectural building terms and are indicated all over our building plans, issued by Clarendon. They clearly state that our ground floor should be 2600mm, although Matt noticed that they were already shorter than that without any floor or ceiling finishes, so we are potentially losing about 25mm over all of that floor space. Doesn’t sound like a lot right! But 25mm across 145.65m2 floor space is alot. More concerning is that this is an issue with the manufactured frames, and by being out that little bit, all the other bits don’t fall into place as nicely – the courses of bricks don’t quite match, the door frames need to be packed more, the holes above windows and doors seem to be more noticeable. Unfortunately, not much you can do to fix that now.

Upside to all of this, really really happy we engaged Houspect.

So although lots happening from our end, all seems quite at the house.


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