Concrete Cancer!

You read right!! We have exposed Steel Reinforcement in our Concrete Slab to the Alfresco. It has now also Rusted!

I may have set the cat amongst the pigeons this morning, with an email to our CSC at Clarendon, including our original Concrete Manager, outlining dates of email, SMS’s and conversations about the fact the this steel has been exposed since the slab was laid in May.

6 months ago!!

Shits me to tears…pardon my french…but we’re alittle over the fact that we’ve raised this several times, you get the generic feedback that they’ll look into, and it just progressively gets worse.

This is the pic our Private Inspector took. Concrete Cancer

I don’t want a confrontation! I don’t want to be told to back off! I don’t want to be told to let them do their job! I don’t want to feel guilty for bringing this up, again and again! I don’t want to feel like I don’t have a say on our house build!

I would really just like to see the problem fixed, and the level of quality, not just with this issue, but with the whole build, improved! You know, what we paid for.


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