Weekly Site Supervisor Update

Got our call from Shane the Site Supervisor quite early today, as he said he had a handover with another house.

I thought he sounded a bit flat, but he said all was ok.

Told us that the Kitchen and Bathroom Benchtops did not get installed yesterday and would get done next Friday. I died alittle inside, as he has told us previously that this was a critical requirement that needed to happen before tiling would commence.

Then told us Tiling would not be happening on Monday, that it had been moved to 13th November. I asked him if these changes had put us further back with the date he feels he will have the house ready for hand over, he doesn’t seem to think so, said he had just moved things around but that it would all still get done.

Then let us know Painter would be in to do the first coat of paint, and that the Chippie had completed everything.

I then asked if that meant the Home Theatre Door as well – obviously everything doesn’t mean everything! Apparently the frame for the Home Theatre Door hadn’t been delivered, but it had now and that the Chippie would be back in on Monday to finish it off.

I also queried that I had seen Gyprock on the ceiling of the Portico (the little bit above the front door), and that we were meant to have painted timber panelling there. He said the timber goes over the top of the gyprock, so apparently that’s right.

Was a quick call, and one can only hope that it all goes to the ‘new’ plan!


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