Today’s Update

Week started with a flurry of activity, but we’ve definitely noticed it die down as the week has ended.

Hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we have our Walk through tomorrow morning, but some tell tale signs tell me otherwise.

Not one trade there yesterday or today, from what we can tell – and we could be totally wrong!!

Didn’t see any waterproofing guys, Chippie (Carpenter) was only there on Tuesday and our Sliding Stacker Doors are all still sitting in the front yard (they were delivered to property on the 15th June this year, so they’ve been on-site for quite awhile! And I know this, because the date is written on them), so obviously all the doors have not been installed and on the ones you can see, there is no hardware – so not sure what all the hype about ‘lock out’ is, because it’s physically impossible at this stage.

External Painting still hasn’t happened, even though we were advised this would happen a couple of weeks back.

Fingers crossed everything is still on track for the Kitchen, Laundry and Bathrooms to proceed tomorrow.

Anyway, new day tomorrow…reason for everything I suppose. See what the walk through brings!!


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