Busy, busy, busy…

So much going on today, feels good!

Noticed a flat bed truck in our driveway this morning, and a tradesman in the garage working with a drop-edge saw, so we can only assume that the Stairs are well and truly underway.

There was also a Jet Wash Services ute parked out front, so once again the assumption is Lower Brick Clean is also happening today.

I spoke with the Air Conditioning company, as per their letter, to book in an installation date for our unit, as this can only happen when you’re in the house. As per Shane’s suggestion at our last walk through, we should ask it to happen on the 18th December. Spoke with Noel at Penrith Air Supply, he was lovely explained the process and have us booked in for the 19th December.

So apparently the unit is delivered a couple of days before and connected. Then on the 19th, the guys come out and run the gas through it, making sure it is going through to all the rooms, and then go through how the unit works with us. Done! One thing off the list.

Called Your Home Kitchens, as I have a niggling issue with the plumbing in the laundry and I want to get some perspective before I raise it with Shane our Site Supervisor. Ariane was lovely, heard me out with my concerns and let me know she would get back to me.

I’ve also been to our local council this morning, and spent some time with a Project Planner with regard to our Driveway, the Footpath and the Vehicular access. Hoping to knock this one over fairly quickly.

Fence and Concrete quotes and the process involved are what’s next.


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