Boy oh boy…the Laundry!!

I write this post with an awful feeling in the pit of my gut! I’ve had my wrist slapped a few times over the past 2 weeks for bothering the Site Supervisor, and been asked to just let him do his job!!

And I’ve been trying so very hard to not let the small anomalies get to me, let them slide and bring them up at the end…but one little thing has been on my mind, and I just needed to allay my concern.

So, when we went through the process of cabinetry for the Kitchen and Laundry, the standard cupboard in the Laundry is just the one cupboard where the sink will be dropped into.

We upgraded this to have two more additional bottom cupboards, and three wall cupboards to match. (as you can see in our ‘plan’ of the laundry).IMG_1393

The Kitchen company also made a point at the time of telling me that the Sink would be dropped into the cupboard nearest to the washing machine, not the external laundry door.

On our last walk through, I noticed that the plumbing was quite close to the external laundry door, and if that is the case then all the plumbing work would need to travel through approximately $840 of cabinetry we had upgraded too – kind of defeating the purpose of the upgrade.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make sure it was ok, and herein lies my proble,. I did NOT want to contact our Site Supervisor. I wanted to have my facts before raising it as an issue, because if it’s right, then I’d leave it be.

So I called the Kitchen company this morning, lovely lovely lady helped me. She said cupboards are checked measured by the kitchen manufacturer and nothing had come back as an issue. Which I said was fine if they thought all was good. She then offered to speak to our Site Supervisor to double check, and I specifically asked her NOT to, because if there is not issue then I didn’t want him to even know I had a concern. She agreed and said she would just speak to the manufactures.

She called me back a couple of hours later, confirmed that the plumbing cleared the left hand cupboard of approximately 450mm, and should be in the right position. Awesome, thanked her and was happy to leave it at that.

She then said she wanted to double check, so she called our Site Supervisor!!


To be honest, at this point, I started to cry and told her he’s going to think I’m bothering him again and that I should never have called them in the first place. She disagreed, she said he should be helping us with our build and be happy that we were picking up on things. I had to tell her that that was not the case. She apologised, but still felt it was worth double checking.

My husband has asked me not to be upset, and rightly stated it’s our house!

But I know, this is not going to go down well with the Site Supervisor. I specifically thought I went about this in a manner that would not inconvenience anyone, if it wasn’t an issue then Site Supervisor wouldn’t even know, and as a result, all I feel is sick. Shouldn’t be this way, but it is. See how the rest of the week goes!


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