Weekly Site Supervisor Update

Received our weekly call from our Site Supervisor today (and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t think we would, but very happy we did!).

Shane confirmed that all the Scaffolding has come down and that first stage Waterproofing had been completed, additional bricks had also been delivered to the site.

Bricklayer was coming in tomorrow (Saturday), to complete the work on the Alfresco.

As previously advised, he confirmed Stairs were scheduled for next Monday. Carpenter will be there Tuesday and Wednesday, completing the architraves, skirting and both internal and external doors (at which point the property is in lock out – no access inside). Second stage Waterproofing on Thursday.

Shane then kindly offered a walk through, given the house has now been gyprocked and will have doors, said it will look like a totally different place and given we won’t have access once it’s locked.

Jumped at the chance! We’ll be there Friday morning.

Can’t wait.

Here’s some pics I took this evening on the way past.


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