Today’s Update

I may have mentioned before, that we go past the house to and from school and pre-school drop off and pick-up for the kids – which can be a double edged sword! It’s always nice seeing the hive of activity at the house when trades are there, and today was one of those days.

Given the Gyprock was delivered over the weekend, natural to assume this was happening. Couldn’t help myself, stopped quickly to say hello and to double check that insulation for the wall in Bedroom 3/4.

Machines! In the short time I was there, I noticed that they had already gyprocked most of the outer walls of downstairs, and most of upstairs was done – including the wall between bedroom 3 and 4. The lovely tradie I was speaking to, Lim, confirmed that there was definitely NO insulation in that wall (whilst I was there, he even went and looked between the gyprock again!), and offered to put it in there himself. I told him not to, as it wasn’t his job, that I would get onto the Site Supervisor to get it sorted.

Called and left an SMS for Shane to advise, as well as calling and emailing our Customer Service Representative. Our CSC followed up with us, let me know she had heard from Shane and that he had got onto Fletcher Insulation and they would recitfy.

Happy with the feedback.

Also then received an SMS from our Site Supervisor, letting us know he had been with clients and all was under control, and to please let him do his job.

Will reserve comment on this one for the moment, not sure I know how I feel.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Update

      1. i think i would build it by my self next time. these people just want to make $. our ones go slightly quicker, but i have to micro-manage all the problems.


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