Gyprock Delivered Today

Had an opportunity to stop by the house tonight, friends had kindly let us know that they had seen Gyprock being delivered there earlier in the morning – and there it was in the garage.

Photos are alittle dim, but you can see it there!! Yay!!

What you can’t see from this angle is the bags of insulation still sitting in the garage, to the right of the gyprock stack, closest to the entry door of the garage. Even in this light, we could see the wall from Bedroom 4 that still doesn’t have it’s therm-acoustic insulation installed.

So although gyprocking didn’t happen last week, the upside is that come Monday, it should be all guns firing – which is very exciting.


On a separate note, we’re not sure why our sliding stacker doors are out in the front yard. It’s only the frames, we noticed the doors in the garage at our pre-lining inspection, not sure where they are now. These door frames are dated 15th June 2017 – that’s how long they’ve been at our site, and up until a couple of weeks ago they were in the garage – I suppose there must be a reason for it.


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