Benefit of the Doubt…

Personally, I’m not good with bullshit, fakery and lies – I have much more respect for someone when they’re not only able to tell me the truth, but tenfold when they can own a mistake and explain how they’re going to fix it.

Because I’m like that!

For instance, my preference would be, the Insulation Guys haven’t had a chance to come by/held up at another site but they’ll be here to finish up on blah blah, rather than yep they’ve finished! Clearly, they haven’t – a drive by last night and this morning, clearly shows the bags of insulation still sitting in the Garage, and the walls visible from the front gate (wall between bed 3 & 4 and the Home Theatre Room), still have no thermo-acoustic insulation.

Another instance, we would rather have the insulation and a couple of other issues fixed up before we go ahead with Gyprock, supplies are booked to be delivered and will start blha blh, rather than all good for Gyprock to start on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday as scheduled – when clearly after this morning’s stop by, there is absolutely not one piece of Gyprock at the property nor is there a tradesmen in site.

There’s more…

When you say, at approximately 4:35pm on Wednesday, that you are going to SMS, now, a pic of the structural steel post that has since been bolted in for my records – in today’s day and age of technology, I would expect it within minutes, hours if you get held up. Not get the SMS at 8am on Friday morning. Something to hide?? Especially when we know which trades moved in and around the house over the week, and that it was not done on Wednesday as advised, it was done at some point on Thursday – but why not just say that!

Anyway, the day is still early, we haven’t had a weekly call as yet, as they say, will give them the benefit of the doubt….


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