Private Certifier’s worth their weight in Gold!

This morning, we received a fairly comprehensive Pre-Lining Inspection report, prepared by the Private Certifiers we have engaged – Houspect.

36 pages comprehensive to be exact!

I’ve said it all along, we’re not builders, some of the issues we’ve noticed are just because we didn’t think they looked right, but it’s nice to know we aren’t wrong, and that a Private Certifier also felt some of these issues are of significance. They also found things we never would have even noticed, thought to look at or considered an issue. Some infact are not even to the Australian Building Code. Others are cosmetic, and won’t be a big thing to fix at all.

The terms “Untradesmen like” and “outside of Australian Standard” and “Builder to comment” feature in the report. Hopefully, it’s a happy ending!

Now…our thoughts are, if these issues are brought to your attention, you would do everything you could to remedy them, and rather than let them snowball and having to go back to them several times of the course of the build, better to knock them on the head and get it sorted and out of the way.

Obviously, that is not the way Clarendon feel. Customer Service Representative couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge my email or the report sent to her! Site Supervisor did email and followed up with a call – promising right, but rather than agree that there are issues to fix, went straight into the defensive and was unsure why the Certifier would even check the things he did, when ‘they haven’t finished, so he doesn’t know what it will be like when it’s finished!’

Also said the only thing in the report that needs to be fixed before pre-lining is the bolts to a structural beam which had not been secured, and that had infact happened that morning and would send me a photograph of proof, for our records.

I asked whether insulation had been finalised, as he said yesterday they were coming back today to fix – he said they had.

Other than that, all was good and Gyprock was scheduled to go ahead as planned for Friday! (Fairly confident, he advised us about 2 weeks ago Gyprock was scheduled to start on Wednesday 4th October, at Tuesday’s meeting he said it would start on Thursday, and on Wednesday’s phone call he said they would commence Friday – starting to develop a trust issue i think!)

Won’t lie, frustrated and alittle pissed is how we’re feeling!


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