Pre-Lining Inspection

It is always very exciting and hugely rewarding to get to walk through the house, and see and feel the progress to date. Emotionally, we would love to see it further along than it is, practically, we don’t want to rush anything and would much prefer quality over quantity.

Dropped the kids off, and met Shane and hubby at the house, where they had already completed Ground Floor walk through.

Clarified and confirmed all the electrical power points and light switches, for each and every room and space. Positioning to door opening, what side of the room etc – quite thorough. Re-confirmed that our Front Door should open up against the solid wall of the Hallway, as we have advised Clarendon for some time, Shane was on-board with that..

All the Roof and Wall Insulation has been installed, although not all of the Thermo-Acoustic Insulation has been installed as yet, so we reconfirmed the walls remaining (Home Theatre and Bed3/Bed 4 walls yet o be done). Shane was annoyed that the insulation had happened early, because the Air Con guys were there today, installing the roof unit and all the ducting, so they needed to move bits of the insulation. On reflection, the air con rough-in was meant to happen last week, so can’t see how the insulation guys were early, if anything the air con guys were late. In saying that, they were powering through it. Insulation guys will need to come back and re-install bits that have been moved and missing thermo-acoustic batts.

Other items we covered off was the position of the man-hole – we will now have that positioned at the end of the hallway that leads into Bed 3 and Bed 4, giving the safest space should a ladder need to be placed there for access and allowing good entrance into the roof cavity.

The Sliding Cavity Door for the Butler’s Pantry (classified as a WIP – Walk-in Pantry) has been installed back to front, so the opening of the door was in the corner of the room, rather than it being centred – Shane confirmed that would be rectifed. Also, advised us that the Video Intercom Panel can not be installed on that wall, as we would have liked and were advised it to be the case at our Electrical appointment, because of the Cavity Slider panel. We’ve agreed to leave it where it has been placed, on the opposite wall, which is the corner of the Family Room, just next to the light switch.

I asked why the “Little Brick’ had been taken out, Shane said because I wasn’t happy with it. I wasn’t overly impressed with that answer, however my inference was why was it done at this point and only that one particular brick. Said they were going to fix it.

He’s also expecting more bricks to be delivered next Monday, as the Brickie has some wall on the Alfresco to complete – basically Shane said he wasn’t happy with it, the mortar is meant to be 10mm and it was 20mm. Carpenter should be back in this week, finish installing the sliding stacker doors.

We discussed that the Air Conditioning company requires 4 weeks notice from us as to our move-in date. Shane still thinks that we will be in before Christmas, advised that we book that appointment for the 18th December, at worst we’ll have no air con for a week. He thinks we may be in 13th or 14th December (definitely not the 7th, that’s his Birthday – which we knew – and he’s told us he’s not working that day!). He’s also not back from holiday in the new year until 22nd January. So with Australia Day Long weekend, if we don’t get the house before Christmas, we won’t get it until February 2018!!!

No rush, but we would love it this side of Christmas. And we definitely told Shane, we don’t want him to rush it, if we have to wait, we have to wait.

He did say that when Clarendon finish at the house, they clean the site and basically clear their rubbish, and that there is no more excavation to happen out front – confirms our point raised with Customer Service, but what do we know right! – and they also leave the gravel that’s currently there, which will be a massive help if we can’t get a driveway sorted out when we move in. Shane aslo noted that we need to keep the sediment control fence and rubbish pit/cage until driveway was installed.

Shane confirmed Gyprocking starts this week, will be Thursday – not tomorrow as he has previously advised. Staircase installed 16th October, Fix-out (which is apparently when Doors and Architraves are installed, and the house is then at ‘Lock-up’) is the 17th October. Kitchen due to be installed 20th October (not 17th as previously advised), and the Tiler is still on for the 6th November.

Water-proofing happens before tiling (and one would assume after gyprocking), also said the first coat of paint – which is the white coat (although our chosen colour for the majority of the house is white), happens and then all other trades come back in and finish off, then painting gets completed.

Think that covers it all – we all left happy!

As we were leaving, we stood out on the street admiring our house (hard not too!!) and were impressed that the Air Con guys had colour matched the outside cover to the rest of the Colourbond. As we were standing there, we noticed for the first time (unbelievable how we haven’t seen it before), that there is a full row of bricks missing from above the window of the downstairs bathroom. At a glance, it looks like the lintel was placed a row higher than the rest of the windows on that side of the house, but that is a guess on our part. We asked Shane quickly to have a look at it, and he said ‘yep, that’s ok!’.

Felt it was a generic response, but will trust him that it’s ok.


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