Weekly Site Supervisor Update

Got our weekly call from Shane, our Site Supervisor – which I genuinely look forward to, not only for the recap on the week that was, but for what’s upcoming and answering all our novice questions – he’s great!

All the things he advised us at last week’s update, had happened. Lower Colourbond Roof, over the Garage and Study, would either be finished today or tomorrow – but not to be surprised if it doesn’t happen until next week because they always run behind. Shane also confirmed that the colourbond is usually the same colour as the gutters/windows etc – as we couldn’t actually remember whether we’d colour matched it. Good to know.

Also acknowledged my text from earlier in the week about the “little brick”. Said there’s usually no way around, but ideally it should have been placed in the corner closest the other wall of the house, so as to not be as noticeable. Colourbond capping is confirmed for next week, across the front, to be installed. If the “little brick” still looks crap once the capping foes on, they’ll rip out those bricks and redo it with the “little brick” in the corner. Most definitely our preferred option!

Lots planned for the forthcoming week!

Next Monday, the Electrical, TV, Alarm and Air Conditioning rough-in commences (my basic understanding of this, is that all the wires behind the wall are put in place before the gyprocking). Weatherboard panelling at rear of house on first floor installed, and scaffolding should be down by the end of the week. He also confirmed that the panelling comes unpainted, gets done at some point later.

Lower brick clean happens once the scaffold is gone, as does a site clean up (which to be honest, is much needed as the front yard looks like a tip!). I advised Shane that our sediment control fence at the front of the property had still not been fixed – which he was surprised about as he’d received an invoice for it. Told him when we went past at dusk last night, it had definitely not been done.

I also asked, out of curiosity, why all the blue sticky coverings had come off all the windows – advised, that especially with this warm weather we’ve been having of late, is that it needs to come off otherwise it doesn’t come off later. Makes sense.

Also booked our Pre-Lining Inspection with Shane, for early October.

Shane asked whether we were happy with the progess thus far, said we were as long as the momentum was maintained – we were already on the count down. 75 days Shane – he laughed!


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