The Little Brick

The Little Brick!!!

We swung by the house one afternoon, after the scaffold had been lowered, and stood back and just admired at how beautiful our house is, marvelled at how far along it had come….then I saw it!!

The Little Brick. The Little Brick on the capping. The Little Brick on the capping of the Garage right at the FRONT OF THE HOUSE.

My eye went to it straight away. I couldn’t not notice it. Why? Why? Why? What would be the reason in all of the universe for there to be a need to have a little brick. Surely the architects, engineers, brick makers etc would have measure that space to exactly take the right amount of bricks, to fill the space and still be visually appealling. Right now, it is not.

Hubby thinks he’ll be able to live with it. I can not. I will walk up to the front of the house, I will drive up to the front of the house, I will always look at it.

So my dilemma – say nothing and live with it! (definitely killing me inside). Or, let Shane know before the scaffold is totally removed so that they can remedy it before it’s too far along the process.

Stressed out, thought about it all weekend….decided to SMS Shane, at least put it out there!


“Hey Shane, I have been agonising over the past 3days whether to bring this up, and I think if it were anywhere else but the very front of the house, it wouldn’t be such an issue. See the “little” brick in the red circle – not sure why the measurements wouldn’t be such that the right sized bricks would fit all the way along. I’m going to look at this every time I walk up to the house. anyway, let me know your thoughts when you have a chance. Thanks”

Noted. I had to say something…anyway, let’s wait for some feedback.


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