Weekly Site Supervisor Update

Got our weekly update call from Shane today.

Gave me lots and lots of dates – EXCITING!

Firstly, said things got mixed up this week because the brick cleaner needed to swap dates – so not the way he initially advised they would be at last week’s call.

So today the eaves are being installed and brick clean will happen. Monday – the eaves are getting painted, and then he will go out on site for a look over (at which point he will look at the front gutter*. Tuesday – Scaffolding is lowered. Thursday – Lower Roof Tiling.

Following week (week starting 25th September) – Electrical and Alarm rough ins. He said we do have the pre-lining inspection with him, and they go through all the electrical installation to make sure all our point & switches are in the right spot. He said at times there can be need to move them 100m or so, given the structural beams etc and they like to go through that with us.

Ok, now for the exciting stuff:

  • Plasterer is booked in for the 4th October.
  • Stairs booked in for the 16th October.
  • Kitchen booked in for the 17th  October.
  • Tiler booked in for 6th November.

He said if it keeps up like this, we’ll have it before Christmas!!!!

Also, spoke to him about the footpath and the fact that there is rock and rubble everywhere and the sediment control fence is broken, said he’s ordered more of those black bag things and the same company does the little green fence – so they should both get sorted.

* I advised Shane, that we noticed some fairly significant scratches/gouges in the gutter at the very front of the house (outside of Bed 4 to be exact), and that they were noticeable from the footpath – he said if it’s minor, they just touch them up, otherwise they’ll just replace it. Replace would be our preferred option – brand new home should have brand new gutter, we’ll see how it goes.


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