Site Update

Shane our Site Supervisor called late this afternoon, for our Weekly Update, as he will be unable to tomorrow – two lucky homeowners have their handover tomorrow, so he will be preoccupied with that.

He apologised for sounding like a broken record, but assured us that the Brickwork would be completed tomorrow (because it definitely was not finished on Monday of this week!). As a result, none of the other things that were scheduled for this week have happened – chippies bracing the roof, fascia and eaves, roof tiles etc etc

We get it, but wish it wasn’t the case.

He let us know that he’ll make up some of the time lost, Monday will be busy apparently, things scheduled in for both morning and afternoon. All Roof Tiles and timber were delivered today.

So the plan is that next week bracing will happen, scaffold will be raised, eaves and fascia (including whirly birds and eave vents), ‘top’ roof tiles installed and then scaffold lowered.

Really, really exciting if it all happens!

I also briefly mentioned that the ‘rubbish’ pile of broken bricks and slurry that the Brickies have accumulated at the side of our property, has damaged our existing colourbond fence and made the post lean over towards our neighbour’s property. Now we expected there to be some damage to our colourbond panels, be silly if we didn’t, but we weren’t expecting the weight of such a rubbish pile to push the post over. He was lovely about it, and said once the site was cleaned they would have a look at it and see what could be done – which although will be lovely, wasn’t the intention of making them aware of it, moreso that they kind of don’t do it again.

Will try and swing by and get some photos of the complete brickwork to share on here.


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