Week 19

Today is the start of Week 19 of our 40 week build! We officially went to construction on the 31st March, our Concrete Slab was laid on the 11th May, our Timber Frames commenced being erected on 15th June and Bricking commenced 4th July.

We had a first ‘meet & greet’ with Shane our Site Supervisor, on site, on the 17th July. Advised at that point next 5 weeks were crucial to getting us to lock-up, and that brickwork would probably be completed within about 2 and a half weeks.

Spoke with Shane on the 26th July, Wednesday instead of his usual Friday, as he was going on leave from Friday until the following Friday, said Scott eh The Bricklayer would just keeping going and upon his return would be ready to order the scaffolding, which would take about 2days for delivery etc and that would be around the 8th or 9th August.

Today is the 7th August. There are about 20 courses of bricks around the house, not all the way around the house, as one would expect on the ground floor before moving onto the first floor and there are definitely rooms where there is not one brick laid as yet. Alot of prep work has happened, moving bricks into position etc, which is great to see. However, given there was only one day last week (Monday 31st July), where it rained from about 1pm onwards, the Brickies were only on site that morning, Wednesday and at some point on Friday afternoon.

They are not there today!

We’re not sure what the requirement is for the scaffolding to be erected, but as a layman, just can’t see how the house will be ready for it tomorrow or the day after, if there are no trades there.

Should be getting a ‘weekly’ call from Shane today, in lieu of last Friday, so we’ll see what the update is there….I cold be totally wrong!


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