Catch Up…

Just a tad to catch up on!!

Nothing much happened after the events of the 30th May, except for an SMS from Ivan the Concrete Manager to advise that as far as he was aware, our frames would be delivered on the 5th June 2017.

Another week!

Shane, our Construction Manager, called on Friday morning (2nd June) to advise that our site was officially his. Told me that the frames would be delivered on Monday, although thanks to Ivan’s earlier SMS I already knew that. He also advised that he had just left our site where he had met with his Carpenter, who was finishing up a job at Peakhurst and was booked in to be at our site on Wednesday, but it would probably be Thursday. Such an exciting development to hear. He also added that it had taken a long time for our site to be handed over to him, and that he didn’t know why the slab had taken so long. Interestingly, something we have felt for some time now, but we’re not the experts I guess! Anyway, advised the family, and the excitement was definitely shared.

We eagerly awaited Monday morning, and were again disappointed when we drove past in the morning to see absolutely nothing happening on site. That changed however about midday, when I had the need to drive down our street again and saw the over-sized truck with our frames waiting for the crane to turn up. The delivery guys were absolutely lovely and let us take some pics of the frames. Mammoth effort from them getting them onto our site, traffic via our street was managed well given the size of the truck and crane involved and the frames were left neatly. When we went past again for school pick-up, they had already finished. Really impressed.

Then we waited!

Up until this point, we have had absolutely stunning Autumn/Winter weather, blue skies, chilly mornings and nights but overall very clear, and more importantly dry. Then the forecast came through mid-week that Sydney was about to receive 2months of rain in about 4days! I felt a sense of despondency, and I did try my hardest not to feel upset – we’ve been officially in “construction” since the 31st March 2017, and 10 weeks later of unspoilt weather, it’s about to pour cats and dogs, and we’re no further along to seeing a home being built.

The rain came, and came!

Wednesday came and went, with no one on-site! Thursday came and went, with no one on-site!

And we just knew that with the rain, no one would be at our site this week. Plus with the upcoming Queen’s Birthday Long weekend, the probability of someone being at our site before Tuesday would be slim, at the extreme. Sadness mixed with disappointment kicked in again.

Shane, our Construction Manager, called on Friday morning (9th June), he concurred that the Carpenter would not be at our site this week due to the rain. The weather had delayed him at the Peakhurst site, and he needed to finish that before coming down to ours. He said that they needed for it not to rain today (as in that Friday), tomorrow (Saturday) and Tuesday next week, for him to finish. Then he would be at our site on Wednesday.

Well….it didn’t rain Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday, Monday was absolutely stunning and today (Tuesday 13th) wasn’t far off yesterday’s weather. There was slight rain overnight on Friday, but it was late and it was definitely gone by sunrise on Saturday.

School drop-off and pick-up drive-by our site today, no one on-site today. We knew that, but was kind of hoping against hope.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

If no one is there tomorrow, I don’t think it will be sadness, or disappointment or despondency anymore – I will be pissed off! Not much we can do though….so we’ll just have to wait; and stay positive!!

Good vibes….good vibes….


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