Not quite…

Internal happy dance about timber frames being delivered today was alittle premature!

The boys were so excited about this development, they got ready early for school, so we could go by the house and see the timber being delivered. To say we were all alittle gutted by the fact that there was no timber, no delivery and no one on site, would be an understatement. True, it was a comment made by our Concrete Manager and not actually confirmed by the Construction Manager or admin at Clarendon, we were just so excited about the prospect of the next stage commencing.

Not to be deflated, we set about our day, with the outlook that it may happen tomorrow.

During the day, I had the opportunity to drive by our site at approximately 11:30am, at which point I noticed that the gate had been left wide open, but with no visible supplies or person on-site, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening and left it at that. We drove by again after school pick up, and the gates were still open. So we pulled over, and called Marian, our Client Service Consultant at Clarendon, and let her know about the gate and that I would be more than happy to close it if no one else was in the area to do so. Marian advised that she would call our site Manager, Graham, at which point I queried that our Site Manager was Shane, and she would get back to me.

True to her word, Marian did call me back, and advised that she had spoken to Ivan (our Concrete Manager) as we weren’t ready to go over to Shane yet – obviously why no timber delivery today – and he had let her know that trades were meant do to do underground services work either today or tomorrow, and that’s who may have left it open. No one was in area, and they’d be happy for me to close it.

By that stage, I was already on my way to get the kids sorted for Baseball training and decided to do it on the drive back from that.

Unfortunately, when I went back at approximately 6:10pm, someone had stolen the red cable lock that was being used to lock the two gates together. All I could do was pull the gate closed, but it’s not locked. I’ve emailed Marian to advise her.

We know it will happen, and we definitely do not want to rush Clarendon, but more disheartening than the gate being left open most of the day, is that we are infact not ready to go to construction in May, as Shane had mentioned when he first contacted us, timber was not ready to be delivered for today, and all the underground services that we thought had been finished the week before last, as indicated by the Concrete Manager, have infact not been finished.

Probably just feels worse than it is because we’re just so excited (eager maybe!) to see the next physicality of our build.


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