Today’s Update

Spoke with Ivan, our Concrete Manager, today, just to touch base and get an idea of what may be happening on-site this week. He advised us that it would probably be a quiet week. Cleaners apparently have been arranged to clean up the site, remove rubbish etc, and aside from that, nothing else would really be happening this week. He also mentioned, that Shane (our Construction Site Manager) had booked for timber (the assumption being timber for the house frames) to be delivered on the 29th May. That’s next Monday!! Did an internal happy dance when he said that, it’s very exciting and such a monumental stage – can’t wait!

I also asked Ivan whether he’d had a chance to review the report we’d received and forwarded  onto him, from Houspect (Private Building Certifiers we have engaged for our build) that had identified some minor issues. Main ones that stick out for us is the exposed Reo, standing water in the Alfresco area and the bow in the cement edge of the Alfresco area. He said that once Shane was on-site and having frames put up, if those were problems, Shane would let Ivan know, who in turn would get back to the Concretors to rectify. I asked how they would be able to fix those hiccups, out of interest. He said with the Reo, they use something called Bond Crete (?). With the standing water, it would be sorted out when tiling commenced, which probably won’t be for some months, but they would probably do it with self-leveling products at that time. And the trades that deal with the timber frame would confirm whether the bow in the edge is a problem. But basically, Shane will be across it, liaise with Ivan and get things sorted, and nothing needed from our end.

A good call, he’s a good guy Ivan, even if we haven’t actually met him, and we’re happy with the progress and the update thus far.


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