Sewer Peg Out

We’re no experts, but we’re fairly confident these “pink” markers on our block of land are for the Sewer Peg Out.

(Edit: spoke with Clare at Clarendon, and she has confirmed that is infact what they are!)

Perimeter fencing belongs to Demo Company, waiting on Clarendon to install their own.

In saying that, this is the condition of the Sediment Control Fencing we had to have, we were charged for 30metres at a cost of $825.00 inclusive of GST. Given the width of our block is only 11.5m, and it doesn’t even cover the whole width of the front, and the set back is about 6m – we estimate we paid for at least 15metres too much. Queried it with the Demo guys – nothing! Once they’ve got your dollars, it’s done. We then queried the poor condition of it – sending them these exact pics, and they were going to get someone to come out and fix it. Didn’t happen!





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