Demolition Complete

House Demolition Complete!IMG_9612


After what we thought was a harrowing “Contract Negotiation” period, Demolition was definitely more protracted than expected and not the smooth sailing we had hoped for.

We did our homework. We felt we chose a company who were not only capable, but were open and upfront about the process, they also had a salvage arm – which was high on our requirements, and not the ‘cowboys’ the industry i renowned for.

We did however have unforeseen costs pop up the whole way along, so the final cost for demolition was more than we budgeted for. Plus, left us with a feeling of not really knowing what we were doing, even with all the background information we thought we had.

Overall and in the end, the process went well, and the house was demolished.


Land was cleared and Clarendon was advised. Late on the 31st March, Clare from Clarendon called to advise us that we had officially moved to Construction.

Exciting things from here, right?



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